best practicesTitle-Rite Services, Inc. is in the forefront of local Maryland title agencies to receive their certification. Having this certification not only places us in compliance with the regulators but head and shoulders above our competition.

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Title-Rite Services, Inc. offers you:

  • Expertise In Alta’s Best Practice with a complete understanding of the Closing Disclosure
  • Out of Office Settlements for you and your client’s convenience
  • Total Service
    We have a team of experienced title processors, ensuring continuity, consistency and superior service, with the attention to detail you require.  Title-Rite Services, Inc.  knows that time is of the essence and we pride ourselves on providing fast turnaround on title binders, while not neglecting the smallest detail.
  • A Personal Touch
    We communicate. We take initiative. We stay in touch with both you and your clients to provide good customer service throughout the transaction.


Lenders, Your Loan Estimates Need Our Closing Costs


Designed to help Lenders key in the appropriate title costs as well as recording and transfer amounts into their Loan Estimates (LE)’s, the TRID-friendly Loan Estimate Quote is something the Lenders will need daily. You can fill in the numbers in your LE’s or Settlement Statements right from your mobile device or desktop. It will allow you to specify how much your clients are going to pay every month, as well as define the upfront amount due to pay at closing.

Actual vs. Disclosed title insurance policy amounts, appropriate fee naming, LE section B through H breakdowns, as well as an Adjustment section and many others, all designed to help Lenders avoid re-disclosure.


Our Services

Title-Rite Services, Inc. is a full service title and escrow company specializing in residential and commercial real estate transactions in the State of Maryland. We offer a full range of settlement and support services, including:

  • Deed Preparation
  • Foreclosure, Bankruptcy & Auction Transactions
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Property and Judgment Reports
  • Quick Turnaround Time for Title Commitments
  • Recording Services
  • Re-issue rate on title insurance for your buyers. (How to qualify)
  • Survey Requests
  • Title Insurance
  • Title Searches
  • Out of Office Settlements- We will come to the agent’s office or the lender’s office for settlement