best practicesTitle-Rite Services, Inc. is in the forefront of local Maryland title agencies to receive their certification. Having this certification not only places us in compliance with the regulators but head and shoulders above our competition.

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Title-Rite Services, Inc. will send you a Seller Checklist Form to be filled out and returned as soon as possible prior to settlement.


The check list provides Title Rite Services, Inc. with the following information:

  • All mortgages on the property
  • Please be sure we have your authorization to obtain payoff(s)
  • Any HOA or condominium information and front foot benefit charges
  • All names of sellers, social security numbers, forwarding addresses and e-mail
  • If there any sellers on the title that will not be at settlement?
  • Make sure that all contract contingencies have been met
  • Determine if funds will be needed to close


After settlement you will need to contact your homeowner’s insurance company and all local utility companies. Below are some of the utility companies and contact information:

  • Anne Arundel County Water & Sewer 410-222-1144
  • Baltimore County /Baltimore City Water & Sewer 410 396-5352
  • BGE 800-685-0123
  • Howard County Water & Sewer 410-313-2058
  • PEPCO 202-833-7500
  • WSSC – Washington Suburban 301-206-4001

If you have any questions throughout the closing process, please call at 301-858-9212 or 410-451-4560 or email us at [email protected].

What to Bring to Closing

  • Original, unexpired government ID with Photo (i.e., Driver’s license, Passport)
  • A second form of ID
  • Evidence of recent tax payment (if payment was made within the past 30 days)
  • Evidence of recent HOA payment (if payment was made within the past 15 days)
  • Evidence of recent mortgage payment (if payment was made within the past 10 days)
  • Forwarding address, phone numbers, and e-mail address

Sample Documents


Wiring Instructions

Please Note:
In an effort to better serve our clients and be compliant with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau “Best Practices” Title-Rite Services, Inc. now requires that: ALL PROCEEDS FOR CLOSINGS MUST BE IN THE FORM OF A WIRE.

Please wire funds needed for closing to Title Rite Services, Inc. escrow account prior to closing, so that all funds are available for immediate disbursement at the time of closing. Please contact the Title Rite Services, Inc. office handling your closing for a copy of our wiring instructions.

We can no longer accept cashiers checks at settlement per our underwriters. Banks are now placing a hold on these funds and lenders require funding the same day of closing. Please contact us to get Title Rite Services, Inc. wire instructions prior to closing.

When receiving a proceeds check please make us aware if you will need more than one check or if the proceeds will be split in a particular manner.

Our Services

Title-Rite Services, Inc. is a full service title and escrow company specializing in residential and commercial real estate transactions in the State of Maryland. We offer a full range of settlement and support services, including:

  • Deed Preparation
  • Foreclosure, Bankruptcy & Auction Transactions
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Property and Judgment Reports
  • Quick Turnaround Time for Title Commitments
  • Recording Services
  • Survey Requests
  • Title Insurance
  • Title Searches
  • Out of Office Settlements-We will come to the agent’s office or the lender’s office for settlement.