best practicesTitle-Rite Services, Inc. is in the forefront of local Maryland title agencies to receive their certification. Having this certification not only places us in compliance with the regulators but head and shoulders above our competition.

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Title-Rite Services, Inc. is a full service title and escrow company specializing in residential and commercial real estate transactions in the State of Maryland.

Our Services

  • ALTA Settlement Statements
  • Contract of Sale Preparation
  • Deed Preparation
  • Foreclosure, Bankruptcy & Auction Transactions
  • Free Consultation – for first-time homebuyers
  • Ground Rent Redemption
  • Leasehold Properties
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Property and Judgment Reports
  • Quick Turnaround Time for Title Commitments
  • Recording Services
  • Re-issue Rate on title insurance for your buyers. (How to qualify)
  • Seller’s Net Sheet Tool
  • Seller’s Net Sheet/Buyer’s Estimate Tool
  • Survey Requests
  • Title Insurance
  • Title Searches 
  • Out of Office Settlements-We will come to the agent’s office or the lender’s office for settlement



Before You Close

  • If your broker is holding the Earnest Money Deposit, please determine whether the EMD amount is in excess of the commission being paid to the broker. If so, please arrange to have the excess deposit WIRED to Title Rite Services, Inc. no later than the day before settlement so that all funds are available for disbursement at the time of settlement.
  • Help Your Client Come Prepared
  • Buyer’s Pre-Settlement Checklist
  • Seller’s Pre-Settlement Checklist
  • MD Listing Agent Letter


Wire Instructions

Please Note:
In an effort to better serve our clients and be compliant with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau “Best Practices” Title-Rite Services, Inc. now requires that: ALL PROCEEDS FOR CLOSINGS MUST BE IN THE FORM OF A WIRE.

Please wire funds needed for closing to Title Rite Services, Inc. escrow account prior to closing, so that all funds are available for immediate disbursement at the time of closing. Please contact the Title Rite Services, Inc. office handling your closing for a copy of our wiring instructions.

We can no longer accept cashiers checks at settlement per our underwriters. Banks are now placing a hold on these funds and lenders require funding the same day of closing. Please contact us to get Title Rite Services, Inc. wire instructions prior to closing.